Keaton Simons

Keaton I hope u don't mind I heard I can watch your concerts on my computer. I don't have much money and can't afford to travel to see you. Someone told me to talk to your sweet girlfriend Laura about it. I messaged her on face book and she was so kind to me a stranger. She said she'd personally let me know the next time I can watch you! I'm a big music fan and write to a lot of musicians but only some write back. You are so blessed with so much talent and a woman like that. I can't wait to see your concert! I will tell all of my friends!!!!!! -patty in Omaha

Keaton Simons responded on 04/08/2016

Hi, Patty. What a beautiful note! I will certainly book a StageIt show so be on the lookout for one! Feel free to hitch a ride so you can get a free ticket. Laura or Eric would certainly do that for you. In the meantime I've tried to post new YouTube videos that I hope you enjoy. I must get to Omaha!

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