Keaton Simons

Thank you so much for your reply Keaton :) Have you ever done a cover of "Oh you pretty things"?: would love hearing you sing that :) My go-to Bowie song was "Five Years"... man, always gets to me.. that song.. immediately followed by "Heroes" which he actually recorded in German as well (back in his Berlin days) so when I was a kid and did not know any English yet... there was an instant connection to his music listening to him sing in German.. am not living far from where he grew up here in London now.. and people are still putting down candles and peoms and flowers.. he touched all generations... no matter what background, gender, sexuality.. anyway, am babbling.. you know I think it's rare to listen to an artist and go like "Damn, that music changed my life".. so thanks for writing amazing lyrics and music and touching people with them.. me included.. btw. if you had to name one song of yours that is the most important to you.. which one would it be? all the best xx

Keaton Simons responded on 04/08/2016

I've sung PRETTY THINGS with Tony Lucca. I may be in London this summer. Thank you for the wonderful, rich note!

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