Keaton Simons

So excited for your 23rd eve of the eve show. And more excited I will finally get to see you live in San Diego in january. never seen u live. I have two questions for you./ 1. I am an aspiring writer, although I wont be writing music lyrics, I am wondering where you get your inspiration from?? Is it past experience or do you just get random ideas popping up in your mind relating to whats going on around u etc? I am trying to find inspiration thru my Cancer struggles but am coming up blank. :-( 2. Do you ever meet any of your patrons at events after you perform? I have never seen you live and I would do ANYTHING for a hug from you! I am sure your LOVELY Laura wouldn't mind. ;-) btw. I listen to Beautiful Pain several times a day. Just love it so much!! Corinne. aka Nitwitcool

Keaton Simons responded on 12/15/2014

Thank you so much for your kind words! I'm looking forward to meeting you in San Diego. Hugs are absolutely acceptable and encouraged :) Hopefully Laura gets one, too! I truly believe that inspiration can come from anywhere at any time -- you just have to be open to it and try not to force it. That's kind of the idea behind my song "Inspiration" as I'm sure you know.

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