Keaton Simons

-Keaton , As a guitarist, I feel I have a unique voice having due to multi genre interests. I always thought you were more of a folk & Blues man. Seems you studied more world music at Evergreen & have mentioned jazz , classical , and rock. I agree you have a very unique style & vocal which I would attribute to the multi genre studies imo. How do you approach your writing and practice ? Do you have one main style, or focus on certain aspects of each style. Thanks, Happy Birthday brother, Christoph

Keaton Simons responded on 07/21/2014

Thank you! For me when I practice I tend to be much more analytical. When creating new music I try to just let it come out, regardless of genre. I do really enjoy creating music for a specific purpose like for film or TV, which tends to be more specific with genre. It really depends but flexibility and experience definitely attribute to the genre-blending sounds.

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