Keaton Simons

I wanna say some things about you:
You're nice and sweet, and talented, and cool.
I think your music's really awesome
And any one who doesn't like it I would call a fool.

The best you do to me: you give me inspiration
(I'm writing this so easily and fast!)
I hope that one day we work together --
For me, it's gonna be the hardest test.

I don't want to bother you or something,
You don't even have to pay attention.
But anyways I've got to ask you:
I'm feeling there's some kind of tension --

I feel that people don't like my writing
And even that they HATE my rhymes!
You think there's something wrong with me? Or they are simply jealous?
I guess I need support some times....

Okay, I have to stop complaining.
It's late, I'm now going to bed.
I wish you luck and have an awesome day!
Thank you! Because of you I'm no longer sad....... :)

~ LH

Keaton Simons responded on 05/23/2014

Thank you for sharing that! We're all a little funny sometimes and react less than ideally to everything, including other people's talents. I try to always think the best of them, and nix the ideas of jealousy or hate. Sounds like you just have not yet found your best audience for your writing - keep writing, they're out there! :)

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