Keaton Simons

Hey Keaton... me again... I have never seen you live but you seem to have a special connection with your audience. I was wondering what you see when you look out into the audience and do you actually look while you are playing or only after you're finished with your song? And if you look while playing, does or how does what you see influence how you sing?? Thanks so much for the great answers to our questions. Am heading to the pacific Northwest in a couple of days... maybe we'll see you there?? Cheers! Yi

Keaton Simons responded on 07/27/2013

I absolutely look out to the audience! I often say that the audience is my show. Sometimes the lights are so bright that I can't see anyone, but when I can I'm always aware of everything that's going on. I try to form a connection with every single person. A tremendous partnership is created between performer and audience. It creates a certain type of intimacy that's very powerful.

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