Keaton Simons

Hi Keaton! Has been really great trying to keep up with all your happenings all the way from here in Germany. It's been a really busy time for me too! My question is... how do you know or decide when a song is 'finished'? Is it a gut feeling? I know that when I write verses, I read them many times aloud and they must sit a while unlooked at before I feel like they are done... and then I still sometimes mess with them long afterwards. Music is so immediate, especially when performed live... your songs probably mutate somewhat over time, don't they? Oh... sorry that was probably more than one question. Love being able to interact with you like this... Thanks so much! All the best from Germany! Yi

Keaton Simons responded on 07/09/2013

That's a really great question! Some songs take me a couple of hours to finish, others take months or even years! If I'm writing for something specific, like a TV show or movie, then it might feel like a more definitive finish. Otherwise I'd say you're right on point with it being a gut feeling. I'm also open to the idea of songs changing over time. I try not to be too rigid with the creative process. :)

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